A Workaholic Nation

Got this from Inside Training Newsletter:

FPC, a national executive search firm, found just 25 percent of 1,042 respondents say they always take allotted time off; 37 percent say they “take time off if I have something to do, but do not monitor the days I use”; 33 percent “do not take the full time allotted, but without a particular reason”; and 5 percent “work through vacation time to get extra money.”

I don’t take my time off. i wake up at 6.00, take excercise, be at office at 8.00, stay until 20.00, take a shower & dinner at home for 1 hour then browsing, reading & blogging until 24.00. Then sleep. Continue to the next day until weekend. Then at weekend, i take care of side my business to gain extra money. No rest whatsoever.

So i’m trying my best to make blogging as not ‘a job’, that’s why blogging must be fun.

Author: Robin

Jack of all trades living in SF Bay Area, California. Asian.

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