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Just back from vacation. I stay at a beach front hotel in Kuta-Bali with my family. It was truly amazing view all night dude. Now i’m back home fresh, I’m thinking to put new stuffs in Rockstar Pundit. So i came with 3 new things:
1. Navigation
I have several links at the top of the page for visitors to navigate from this main page. There youu can contact me through email and also if anyone of you, your friend or your company interested in putting advertising in Rockstar Pundit. You are all welcome :).

2. A Store.
Just build an amazing Amazon A-Store. Please take some time to check it out. Thank you Amazon.

3. Video Music
Just build another blog for my favorite videos. Just post 100 videos, and blogger already identified the new blog as a spam. Anyhow, great videos there, just click on video navigation and you’ll be navigated there. I’m sorry for this but comments are highly moderated.

Thanks & welcome to Rockstar Pundit.

Author: Robin

Jack of all trades living in SF Bay Area, California. Asian.

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