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If you feel it’s important, that you need to reach me, you can put some comments again or please use the contact page.

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This has been in the world wide web for a while. I am not trying to publish a me-too or publishing this for linkjuices. But since i am a big fan for ownership of a Master Recording for songwriters, surely this is too good to miss.

EMI, which has now owned by private equity firm Terra Firma, spoke to media via their spokeperson:

Radiohead were demanding an extraordinary amount of money and we did
not believe that our other artists should have to subsidize their gains.

While Radiohead’s charismatic front man, Thom Yorke responded greatly:

We did not ask for a load of cash from … EMI to re-sign. That is a lie.

Moreover he said:

What we wanted was some control over our work and how it was used in
the future by them. That seemed reasonable to us, and we cared about it
a great deal. They were not interested. So, neither
were we.

My two cents:
1. It is ok not to deal about advance fee/royalty between Artists & Labels. That is their problem.

2. From Artists/Song Writers point of view, i agree that the ownership of the Master Recording is super important. You don’t know what will happen in the future. Giving up this thing to record labels is surely overwhelming.


This is the coolest New Year’s wise words i’ve ever heard:

“How many a year has passed and gone and many gamble has been lost and won, and many a road taken by a friend and each one I’ve never seen again.’

-Bob Dylan-

Before the party begin, please don’t drink & drive. Be Safe.

Happy New Year Everyone!


I’ve been away for a while because my ISP provider gone down for 2 days. Great. I able to connect to the internet but with a dial up a.k.a. super slow internet connection. I can’t even reach my wordpress dashboard. Now since the internet connection is back, i would like to wish you a very Happy Christmas.


I am blank not knowing what to do. Lol.

I am trying to figure out what is happening here. I am working on it.

Hope can finish soon.

Thanks for your patience.

This blog hosted in the easiest blogging platform, Blogger. Since June 2007 blogger has been helpful for me to start this blog and my dozen others. But, since the new rule on Custom Domain and as usual, free hosting service never comes with customer service, has been ‘punished’. I can’t publish to and i have been perplexing throughout blogger help, groups and so on and so on, and seems like noone has the answer.

I lose some part of this blog domain and lose browsing experience, rejected as affiliates and so on. I also lost links from previous www address and get into PR 0 from previous 2. I couldn’t get any help from blogger on this custom domain error as well as dozens of blogger out there.

I’ve tried to buy paid service from Google. Last week i try to buy a domain from Google using Google Checkout but then there was error and my previous order is at queue and so i can’t claim it. I tried to contact Google but there was no answer except automated reply. If i use free account then that’s ok no customer service but i can’t get into Google staff even when i pay for the service. So i said to myself, that’s it, i am moving to other blog hosting platform and i don’t mind paying for it for decent help and customer service!!!

Last month, my effort to move hosting failed because lack of payment option at the hosting company i’ve chosen. Since then, I have been browsing away and asking questions to almost all cool hosting company in the world wide web (you name it!) and try to look one that fit most with my needs. There are some in my list already and i will starting to move away all my blogs from Blogger to WordPress sometime soon.

I’m a TTZ Media publisher, and i try to help myself by keeping up to date on what John Chow is doing. Today, i read a blog post from him announcing a cool hosting plan deal from Bluefur for TTZ affiliates. So i bought one. By far, i got my emails replied from BlueFur sales staff 🙂 (even though my ticket is low priority from their support staff, lol).

The move is not yet finished and i think i reach the painful stage of moving my blog. I will cover the move step by step in my personal blog and somehow someway there will be some error etc or worse will not reachable for a while. If you like this blog then i suggest you to subscribe to blog’s feed and i will keep you updated if the move has done.

This is probably the happiest day in my life this month so cheers and please wish me luck.

Good news first. earlier today i got this email from Showhype:

Thanks for your participation during our first week of ShowHype. We added Rockstar Pundit to our blog rankings, which means that we’ll automatically create stories whenever another tracked blogger links to one of your posts.

I love it, Showhype is a cool new site and i think it’s better than digg to bring targeted traffic to your music/entertainment site. You should check out their site at

Now the bad news: Rockstar Pundit is rejected at BlogRush network. Lol.

Have a great day everyone.