What I Read Today

  1. Buying a gun on Facebook takes 15 minutes (Venture Beat). Lightning fast process for anyone who in need of illegal weapons.
  2. I’ve been working from hotels in South East Asia for over a month now: here’s the experience (Niel de la Rouviere at Medium). The title says it all, the joy of working at distributed company.
  3. How To Make Your Posts Stand Out on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn (Buffer App). Some principal  technical reference for social media posting. Useful.
  4. Three Tips to Telling a Persuasive Story (LinkedIn featured article). Nothing beats a good story. True.
  5. You’re Not Too Old to Have a Major Breakthrough (Inc). Innovation is not a young person’s game, according to a research. “Your mid to late thirties are actually the peak years for innovation”, well, I passed that.

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