What I Read Today

  1. Karena Bandung Bukan Gotham (Yahoo Indonesia). Much better thinking than this.
  2. Telegram Saw 8M Downloads After WhatsApp Got Acquired (Techcrunch). Everyone in my office migrate from Whatsapp to Telegram too. It’s not because they are own by Facebook, but we need to chat not only from our smart phones, but from our Macintosh too.
  3. Study: Open Offices Are Making Us All Sick (Wall Street Journal). I am still trying to digest this information and find the connections with my employees’ sick leaves. Couldn’t find it so far.
  4. You Can’t Handle the Creative (LinkedIn’s featured article). Creative ideas want to kick you out off your comfort zone. I thought it’s obvious. Seriously good reading.
  5. The Year of Social Small Business (LinkedIn Blog). I’ll be putting the infographic on separate post. This is interesting information.

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