What I Read Today

This continues:

  1. Steve Jobs will appear on a US postage stamp in 2015 (The Verge). Ironically, dozens of his creation actually ends the dependency to postage stamp.
  2. I wrote about my diabetic habit (in Indonesian language) in my other blog: “Gula“.
  3. How we built our investor presentation and raised $2 million (The Next Web). Simple guide to write a presentation pitch.
  4. You Can Finally Block Those Annoying Recruiter People on LinkedIn (Mashable). Don’t know why took them so long to implement this. But at least it’s here now.
  5. Tesla’s most disruptive product may not be its cars (Quartz). Battery, ffs!
  6. Blogging or Building (Ryan Hoover on Medium). Not sure what’s with the ‘vs’ thing. Both serves different purpose. Really want to write a blog about this later.


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