What I Read Today

  1. Dropbox Has Raised $350M In New Funding At A $10B Valuation (Techcrunch). Holy shit Dropbox. Now I know why the decline that acquisition offer from Apple.
  2. Apple Presses Labels For More ‘Beyonce’-Type Exclusives In Wake of Downloads’ Slide (Billboard).¬†Music download sales decline – digital track sales fell 5.7% from 1.34 billion units to 1.26 billion units in 2013. Apple feel the heat, from streaming services.
  3. Spotify and Ministry of Sound settle music playlists copyright lawsuit (The Guardian). Playlist copyright lawsuit. Anyone hear that? Fucking playlist.
  4. They having fun in Imgur HQ.
  5. A break facing sunset in Indonesia. Nice shot.
  6. The Richest Lead Singer in the World (Celebrity Net Worth). Paul McCartney no. 1 on the list and Bono is the runner up. No surprise there. There are strange names on the list though, like Dave Grohl is actually richer than Jon Bon Jovi. I am not expecting this list is 100% correct, but it’s a fun reading.
  7. I am a porn star. I am a college freshman. You know nothing about me (XoJane). A fascinating story about a girl who have to be a porn star to fund her $60k/year tuition fee.
  8. Music 2.0.: Exploring Chaos in Digital Music. I found this site a while ago. It still exist. Recommended reading if you’re into modern music industry.
  9. Tim Cook fights back against shareholders concerned with environmental initiatives (The Verge). Apple has made strides towards being more a environmentally friendly company, and plans to eventually have its facilities completely powered by renewable energy. I love this direction.
  10. “Taman Musik” and “Jam Malam” in 1 city. Well done.

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