The Martha Stewart of Punk Rock

Got this from Business Week:

Sisters Tish and Snooky Bellomo reveled in the New York City punk rock scene in the ’70s. The notorious Bronx-born duo sang with numerous groups, including an early version of Blondie. But it was their retail gambit that made them famous. Responding to audience members who, Tish says, “liked our style and asked us where we got our clothing,” they opened a boutique in the Manhattan’s East Village in 1977 with $250 from a sympathetic aunt and $250 in savings.

Thirty years later, punk merchandising is big business, and Tish and Snooky have turned their lifestyle into the backbone and brand-identity of a 13-employee wholesale business with $5 million in annual revenues—chiefly through the sale of hair dye in screaming colors with names like Deadly Nightshade and Atomic Turquoise.

Wouldn’t you love your life more if your day-to-day job is influenced by your life long lifestyle and get that much money while doing it?

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