Musik di Era Digital

Dibawah ini adalah materi sharing saya semalam, di Obsat. Beberapa teman bilang saya terlalu serius. Gapapa deh. Persoalannya, Era Digital adalah masalah serius. Jadi, saya ngga bisa nahan untuk bikin presentasi serius. Jadi ya sudahlah. Silahkan membaca, semoga berguna. Jadi, akhirnya saya membuat presentasi khusus untuk Obsat. Tujuannya untuk menyampaikan gambaran tentang Era Digital yang… Continue reading Musik di Era Digital

Yahoo! posted Yahoo! S.E Asia releases study on Internet trends and media consumptions on their company blog. The study is conducted in Vietnam, Indonesia, The Philippines and Malaysia. What isn’t surprising me on the key findings is that

Indonesia, the largest and fastest growing online market in Southeast Asia, has recorded a jump from 22% (2009) to 48% (2010)

Given the population, it’s obvious Indonesia will lead this. However:

In Malaysia, online music and video has attracted significant interest with 51% uploading/downloading music files online and 54 % watching video clips online. Over a third of users also play games online – dominated by younger males.

Not clear how many Indonesians are also do the same compare with these Malaysian youths, but more than 50% consuming music and videos online? Goodness me, that is massive!

More key findings at Yodel Anecdotal (via @bangwinissimo)