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After my last post related to Gerd Leonhard, find this email at my inbox this morning. I’m a Facebook user for a while and i’m sick and tired to have that many applications invitations from friends and other users.

But of course i have my favorites such as GoodReads, ILike, Shelfari, GapingVoid, BoozeMail, FafarazziCelebHeads and my new favorite: Sonific.

Greetings fellow Sonific users,

Sonific’s Facebook music application went live a few days ago, and it rocks – so if you use Facebook just go to /sonific/ and add Sonific. It takes 20 seconds.

On Facebook, Sonific is even easier to use, featuring:

  • Preset playlists
  • Well-known and featured artist lists
  • Top songs on Sonific

As usual, you can add up to 25 tracks to your music player, selecting any of our 200.000+ tracks, for free.

And: if you are an artist or a band, you can now add your own music to Facebook, too. Simply go to, sign up, upload your music, get your tracks approved, and then just add them to your own Facebook profile.

We hope to see you on Facebook!

Best regards

Your Sonific team
Gerd Leonhard, CEO

I have created a ColdCut playlist in Facebook’s Sonific application. Cool.

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