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This is cool from Seth Godin:

Apparently, this used to be very exciting news. Pre-web, Who’s Who was the best way to tell if someone was connected. You went to the library and looked someone up. You could see (most important) if they were in the book, and then you could see where they went to school, who they married, what they did, what clubs they belonged to…

Wikipedia, of course, changed all that. Wikipedia knows all and tells all, and it doesn’t even try to sell you something. Wikipedia is my favorite web destination of all.

Lately, though, the folks at Wikipedia are drawing a line about who’s important enough to be inside. A good friend attempted to post her bio and was rejected, “not notable enough.”


Are you notable enough? I think so.

Well, i think so too. So I went to Squid Who’s site, the new service from Squidoo. It’s a people based-wiki site for anyone who thinks are worthy enough to put their own wiki on the internet. I think this is an interesting idea, knowing that Wikipedia (i think they have to) rejects ‘ordinary’ people to put their own or their local heroes’ wiki.

I hope this is not a reactive move from Wikipedia’s limitations (in business it’s often called opportunity), but if i see Squidoo, i think Seth has the point.

Well in the end, of course you need to have a point to put your own wiki on the internet (i think I’m not have one yet so you won’t find me in SquidWho nor Wikipedia). If Seth comes up with something (for me, Seth always has the point), I’m with Seth.

No, i’m not getting paid by Seth Godin.

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