Runs on WordPress 2.6.

WordPress 2.6. was suddenly out. From the Development blog post today, it was out almost a month ahead schedule. Awesome

Soon after tweeting the news, i upgraded Robin Malau Dot Com to WordPress 2.6. The process runs smoothly as well as some other blogs i maintain. However, i still find problem upgrading Nextgen Gallery.

Beside usual upgrading rituals, below short video is the reason why the new version is better than the last.

Much much much thanks to all WordPress programmers, for your hard work, the continuous awesomeness, and make this beautiful, if not the best, web publishing system developed and continue to serve millions of websites out there, including Robin Malau Dot Com.

Upgrade your blog, download WordPress 2.6. here.

Author: Robin

Jack of all trades living in SF Bay Area, California. Asian.

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  1. Now that it’s been a few days, how do you like 2.6? I haven’t upgraded to blogs that I maintain yet, but one that I write for has made the change. Since they limit the administrative control for the authors, I haven’t had the ability to test to its max. I won’t upgrade until I hear more about the stability of my [few] plugins. But I’m interested in hearing about the little quirks – if any. The little things are important in upgrades like this, I believe.

  2. Hi Jeffrey,

    By far i like the way they fix the upload media feature, it’s not buggy now so i don’t have to open my ftp client just to upload images.

    However, PHPSpeedy and Podpress plugin, yes Podpress seems like having problems with WordPress 2.6. From user forums i believe MightySeek is planning to update the podpress and there’s a workaround at WordPress Forum.

    Also, i think the post revision wiki style is useless, but there’s also workaround on that feature at Digital Inspiration.

    Other than that, i like WP 2.6.

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