Pick Your Set for Your Favorite Bands

Found this cool site to promote your band and stay in touch with your fans, pickRset:

In one word: Connection. This site allows bands to communicate with their fans and allow the fans to actually feel like they are part of the show and that their voice really matters. Let’s be honest, without the fans you don’t have a show, so why not try and give them what they want? That being said, if the band doesn’t play everything in the proposed set or, heck, doesn’t play anything from their requests (which is possible) it’s their choice. After all, it is their band.

100+ bands had already join pickRset including +44, Bad Religion, Angels and Airwaves, The Used, Megadeth and New Found Glory.

It has been said that pickRset is totally free, but they have some ads running on your site but hey, they’ll even share their ad revenue with you if your band is a member:

Therefore, we have set it up so that once you log into your account you can paste your Google Ad Client ID into the Google Adsense section of your site and whamo! You are now the one that makes the money (if it generates any) from Google directly. If you don’t have an account, the section will walk you through it.

Well that’s the bonus. This is somewhat cool. Anyway, this is my profile.

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