PAUL STANLEY – St. Louis Art Exhibit Photos

From Paul Stanley’s Site:

A selection of photos from Paul’s St. Louis Art Exhibit this weekend. Friday and Saturday’s Wentworth Gallery shows attracted large crowds of art lovers, who experienced Paul’s artwork in person.

All photos by Jennifer Henneberry- Catchlight Park Photography.

Below is a letter from a fan who attended yesterday’s Show:
Thank you so much for coming to St. Louis. When I saw your art work online, I fell in love with it. Then when I saw the pieces in person at Wentworth Gallery, I was blown away. The art is so much more beautiful and vibrant in person, much more than a computer image could show. I was simply amazed.

It was such an honor to meet you, and I want to say thank you for doing something for me that was above and beyond the purpose of your visit. You made my day and made me the happiest woman in the world. You treat your fans with respect and for that I will forever be a fan. Thank you for all you do and remember St. Louis next time you tour!

Liz in St. Louis

If you don’t know Paul Stanley (poor boy), he’s a living legend from the band, KISS.

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