Nostalgic Album for Lemonheads Fans

Evan DandoImage from Wikipedia

I’m a big fan of Evan Dando’s Lemonheads. I play hardcore metal in my music days, but i’m also a big fan of acoustic guitar. Everytime i need songs to play on my acoustic guitar, Lemonheads songs were always my choice to play on the first set of songs i play. However, Lemonheads were just released a Collector Edition set which contains classics like My Drug Buddy (dude i love this song), the cover of Mrs. Robinson plus 10 bonus demo tracks and a DVD contains LIVE Videos and the band having fun. Oh yes you can imagine this, well it might be lazy fun but hey it’s The Lemonheads!

I have yet get the copy but i surely will which also a must to all Lemonheads fans. To remind us to the cool Evan Dando and The Gang, below is a video from classic song It’s a Shame About Ray.

Note: TheProductionSide reminds me of The Lemonheads.

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