Addicted to Something

Today is not a good day, i can’t finish my checklists at work. I noticed that it’s a super simpleĀ  recurring administrative tasks. I don’t know why, i just gave up. I decide to turn off my computer and went to take a day nap, and i wonder…

I’m a diehard Manchester United fan (and i blog about them). Yesterday, Manchester United held to a draw by a ‘weaker’ opponent, the club also lose another first choice defender Rio Ferdinand after Nemanja Vidic a week before through tigh injury. The stage of the season is reach to the end, it’s so important to keep the whole team fit to keep the good run. During the Sunday game, i kept telling my wife to move from TV while she feed our daughter. She was like, ‘dude, you look like a beer belly dude who just lost your entire year wage’. I tried not to listen to her but i wonder…

I always have a bad week after Manchester United have a bad game. It’s like, a big heart break and most of the time it feels like it’s the end of the world. The only way to cure the pain is to see the team winning.

I guess i’m addicted to see Manchester United win. However, it’s a sign that i am alive. It’s addicted and it’s so beautiful.

I just hope you addicted to something too!

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