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This week’s Music StartUp Reviews from KillerStartUps:


is an internet music search engine that makes mp3 downloads available for free. Search any song or artist you wish to hear and WuZAM’s powerful engine will discover it for you.


Music Discovery meets a simple listening experience. Connecting music and listeners is what ZiFiMusic is all about. By starting with a song you like, ZiFiMusic searches for music which sounds similar. By using the (thumbs up/thumbs down) buttons, you can tune the results to better suit you personal taste.


Boost is dedicated to bringing to its audience music from around the world, across all genres to all demographics something fresh and original. In addition we are committed to providing a quality platform for both established and emerging artists to get their music out there and be heard. Artists/bands create their own profile page whey they can upload new music immediately and monitor their music sales easily. This commitment extends to sharing equally all profit from music sold in a 50/50 split with the artists/bands, giving them a chance to make some money from their work.


is a site where you can listen to new music on the web. is a community where you can download music MP3 files as well as vote for your favorite songs and artists and participate in forums about music. This site allows you to discover music as well as listen to your favorites without worrying about how much it costs. is free and has many tools to ease you in browsing for the music you love.

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