My New Profession – Video Director

Nah. I am kidding with the title. But, i think these guys from has totally crazy (read: beyond smart) idea. I was in the music scene for so long i understand how hard to create a music video. And the guys at Animoto make video making is a kid’s toy. Well, not apparently, at least you must know how to fill internet forms and customized with form wizards.

Somehow, i’ve created a full ($3 paid) video at that i exported already to  YouTube account. Eventhough there was problem when exporting, i commented on their blog, they did not publish it, but they solved the problem (thanks!). Also, the site was not down when the buzz comes in. There you go, smart guys always well prepared!

The picture i’m using for the video was from my music site’s Flickr pics, containing bands that featured at the site. For the song, i use one of my own song (a remix version of United Fist, that you can check out at the music page with other songs), because i don’t want to be involved with any form of illegal copyright practices. Nah, just want to avoid problems that might occur in the future, because i certainly want to keep the video as long as i want.

Anyhow, i believe this video, who actually created by Animoto, their system to be exact, is eligible to be nominated at MTV Music Award. Nah. But the result is fun because there are elements of surprises :-D.

Thanks for reading, enjoy, cheers to you and Animoto.

[youtube width=”425″ height=”355″][/youtube]

PS: The original Animoto’s page here and i reviewed this already using Indonesian Language at my music directory blog here.

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