My First Monday is Finally End, i love moday, i always do…!

It’s monday. So this is the end of my first day at work. What i learn today is: you can’t over estimate your energy. Somehow you can understand why people quit their bands on tour, quit their job even if they’re paid well. It’s because they’re tired. Too tired to work then they decided to quit.

That’s what you should estimate. If you think you can make it, or just have to make it (somehow we’re forced to do it), then you must have your plans. It’s really simple thing to do that people often forget these basics. By doing simple checklist you can make the most of your first day of the week and starting the new week feeling that you can make the most of this upcoming week.

First things first.
1. Get on time
You must make a milestones and conquer it. Estimate when shall you start and finish your first task of today.

2. Do a simple checklist.
What are you going to do today. Whose email shall read and replied first, who shall you call today.

3. Put some action to your ceklist.
A cheklist will be still a checklist if you don’t read it and do it. So to make the most of the checklist, do it.

4. Review before you move to another task.
See if anything will need to follow up tomorrow, make sure to include it on tomorrow’s task list.

5. Enjoy doing it.
Work is fun if you have fun doing it.

I love monday, like we all shall do. Have a great week everyone…

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