How to Manage Your Boss

I just read an article at which is quite thought-provoke and eye catchy. How to Manage Your Boss. Who don’t want to manage their boss? Well if you do want to manage your boss, then this article could be quite helpful.

The key elements in this article are:

Step 1. Make “Keeping the Boss in the Loop” a Regular Activity
Goal: Reassure your boss that you know what you’re doing.

Step 2. Create a Core Message for Your Boss
Goal: Bosses are forgetful. Make sure yours knows just how valuable you are.

Step 3. Tap a Vital Resource: The Boss’s Influencers
Goal: Enlist others to spread the word about your importance to the company.

The key concept of this article is how to make friend with your boss while you are working for his/her company. I believe this issue is super important. Somehow, if you’re working to an entrepreneur or someone else, you only need to work ‘right’ instead of working ‘great’. The business owner need to be great, you just need to be right.

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