Mixaloo, Share Your Mixtapes

Found this at TechCrunch today.

Mixaloo is taking a phenomenon – the mixtape – that has spanned several decades and media formats – 8 tracks, audio cassettes, CDs, and MP3 players – and bringing it to the web.

As a Mixaloo user, you can create playlists of music from all the major record labels, including Warner, Universal, EMI, and Sony. You can then share these playlists with friends via email, or you can embed playlist widgets into your website, blog, personalized homepage, or social networking profile. Mixaloo widgets are powered by Clearspring and can be added to your various online properties with a few clicks of the button (we’ve embedded one below).

Well this is my mix, i should dubbed it as The Greatest Hits of HIM:

By the time, Mixaloo is at beta testing and invited only. If you want to have yours, you can go through TechCrunch access to Mixaloo here and use the code techcrunch to signing in.


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