How To Migrate from Blogger Blog to WordPress

It gave me a big headache back then when i migrate this site from to WordPress last year. I remember i got email assistant from a kind WordPress employee (his name was Mark, couldn’t find which famous WordPress’ Mark) but i believe i can’t find a complete step by step to WordPress migration, especially from SEO perspective. I lost my backlinks because of the change of permalinks structure and lucky to still get a PR 2. I did the same mistakes on some of my other blog which is suck a lot.

However, SeoBook’s Aaron Wall has just posted a complete (i believe the most complete in SEO perspective) tutorial on how to migrate from Blogger Powered Blogs to WordPress.

I have one PR 3 powered blog left to migrate to WordPress, what a time to find this post.

If you’re in need to migrate your blog from to self-hosted WordPress (you should if you plan to treat your blog seriously), go to and check it out.

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