HipHop Centered New Social Network

If you’re a hiphop fans, then i think you should check this site reviewed by KillerStartups:

StreetCred is a new hip hop centered social network which already has been endorsed by the likes of Snoop Dogg, Common, and T.I. Partnerships with Warner Music and Sony are in the works to provide the network with music videos and interviews.

Description from StreeCred site:

“, the social media channel, is built around a distinctive set of characteristics within the Hip-Hop culture. The community becomes the first convergence of proprietary technologies that, when integrated, create a powerful and scalable medium for the Hip-Hop culture to coalesce, communicate and engage. In support of the free flow and sharing of ideas and expressions, our custom technologies for social and business networking, mobile casting, photo, music and video publishing and sharing empower you to express What you want, When you want and How you want.”

Wanna cek sum shit? Here’s the StreetCred site.

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