Help The Poor, Download Firefox



To celebrate the 500 millions’ downloads, Mozilla will celebrate by raising 500,000,000 grains of rice in one day to help feed the world’s poor and donate to freerice.

Join the good cause by downloading Firefox (klik here to download) and it’s FREE! and it’s far better than Internet Explorer (yes you can change your default browser!).

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  1. I wish your organisation to help me to fight pooverty in my village.Due to the constant rise of prices in basic comodities in Cameroon the people of my village community are unable to meet with consumption so i’ve taken the initiative as an individual to solicit for help oversees so as to improve their consumption and aid them to duell more in argriculture so as to raise funds and improve their living standards.
    I lack funds and material so I wish you join me and help this fight
    Thanks for your concern


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