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The company name is YouNoodle. I don’t know. The business model is strange. If they can find out which start up will be hot in the upcoming years, then why they don’t keep them by themselves and make a fortune, instead connecting them to potential investors? But in other way, what if they can connect businesses and the whole world knows that they can make business transaction a success? Kacling! That’s when they charge business huge amount of money.

So, i am starting up an internet company, covering Indonesian music and several other projects. While i don’t have much people that i can talk with regarding these projects, why wouldn’t i go out and find somebody who would? So heck i’m signing up. If all goes well and my start up runs as expected, i will put my bet as it needed; no matter how strange the way i take.

Here’s my profile at YouNoodle, my start up will be added soon.

Wish me luck.

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