Deep Rock Drive – Request Your Favorite Shows

This site works as simple as this:

At DeepRockDrive™, anyone in the world can create a request for their favorite artist to play a live show for a global community of fans.

There are easy, fun tools to help you spread the word about artists you love to friends around the world. With 1,000 votes, artists of all musical genres will be invited to play a new kind of show where fans and artists are closer together than ever before.

If the vote reach the 1.000 as they ask, the artist performance will be broadcast in the internet so anyone can watch the show. DeepRockdrive put the power of fans in hand and democratizes the experience of watching a music show.

Oh, and it only cost under $7 to watch a show, no matter where you live as long as you have an internet connection. Isn’t it cool?

For more information you can go to their site, anytime.


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