Create RSS On Your Favorite Artists

RSS is a great way to be updated from your favorite sites and blogs regularly. KillerStartups found a cool site that can inform you if your favorite Artists/Bands release an album. Excerpts from KillerStartUps:

Tired of trying to keep up with when your favorite artists are releasing albums? Music-Alerts may have a solution to such frustrations with their new RSS feed service. Music-Alerts lets you create a personalized feed for your favorite artists, and every 3 days scans Amazon’s music section to see if any of these artists have released new albums or singles. To use Music-Alert, you don’t need to sign up; simply enter in a list of keywords separated by commas into the feed box (The Killers, Timbaland, Tiesto, etc). Then, simply give your feed a title, and you’re good to go; you’ll receive the updates via RSS feed whenever one of your artists has released a track or record.

This is a cool way to get updated, if you need more information about RSS, you can find the page from my earlier post here, a wikipedia page here, and an explanation in plain English at the video below:

Get it? Now go create RSS for your favorite artists in Music-Alerts and never miss an album release.

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