Cool Dude Chased by Girls, Who’s The Coolest?

There are many cool dude with girls scene but these ‘cool dude chased by girls’ scene is my favorite. There’s no better way (it’s in rockstar’s skill package i suppose) to show off rockstar status to public broadcasts, i mean hoping that you can show off how you can shoot a long drug line is stupid if it’s not get banned. However, i found 3 most interesting scenes on below videos and i would like to give you my personal favors.

I think the loser between the three is Incubus. I mean, there are 5 of them and they’re all running away from these chicks. They even jump off a bridge down to river to get over it. Dude, wtf were in your mind?

The second ‘winner’ is surely Rob Dyrdek. I mean, he runs away but at least he manage to take all girls by himself. And, he rides skateboard. So he’s cool but still can’t match my winner.

Yes, my winner is Fred Durst. Simply because he’s in control. He control himself and the girls, he took them one by one, and in the end they get FD to the stage. What a better way to go to a show but with dozens of girls at your back?

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