1984 Book Cover Redesign

I was simply surprised to see George Orwell’s 1984 released and translated into Indonesian but i had no doubt to buy and read it. I guess it was released in mid 2003 or so here in Indo. The cover is bad compare to original English version and even worse compare to the redesign done by artist Shepard Fairey a.k.a. Obey.

Below is the cover in Indonesian released so you can see.

However, this latest move from Penguin Books is pretty clever, as if kids see the book designed by an artist who design Obey Clothing, will probably bring them more into reading, eventhough, i don’t think kids under 18 should read 1984 anyways. The other Orwell’s book which get redesigned is Animal Farm. But i haven’t read it so i don’t have anything to say. Below is the redesign cover, pretty cool.

As a side note on this. I once recommend and bought another copy of the novel as a gift to my friend that is in the middle of lyric writing session then a social professor mention him as a cool underground musician dude who read 1984 and gets all the credit at a national paper (lol but it’s ok!). Somehow, i have put an online review in my other music blog here (in Indonesian Language) which was originally released as an underground zine published for my underground music company in mid 2003.

Get this via Juxtapoz, more information at The Penguin Blog.

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  1. I don’t think that a book cover will get more kids to read a book. The kids have to be in the bookstore/library before they even see the cover. It’s a nice design though, and I would probably pick up a new copy (since mine is old and oft read).

    As to kids under 18 reading 1984, I don’t really see why they should wait. It’s heavy reading for some and the content is pretty dense. But individual readers are more than able to handle the subject well before 18 (I was when I read it at 15.)

    Animal Farm is definitely an easier read that has many similar themes. If you haven’t read both of these books, you should. Along with A Clockwork Orange and Brave New World.

  2. Hey Greg thanks for stopping by.

    Yeah, i wish we here in Indo can get book easier. All major bookstores don’t ship to our country.

    To the kids, at least Shepard Fairey is one of those cool enough dude for kids. I mean poster, flyers featuring latest book design by Obey Clothing designer are placed outside bookstores.

  3. “…eventhough, i don’t think kids under 18 should read 1984 anyways.”

    I definitely disagree. I read it when I was 13, and it instantly became my favourite book. In school, we studied it when I was 15. I personally think children under the age of 18 should definitely read it.


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