Cool Blog, Twitter and Google Alerts Connection

Note: This is too much geeky if you don’t run your own WordPress blog, an active Twitter account and setting up your name/aliases at Google Alerts.

Somehow Twitter and Google Alerts can be very annoying if i get too much updates. But i found this interesting that connect the 2 services (and a WordPress blog) in a very cool way.

The scenario:

  1. My id in Twitter is lowrobb (follow me here, if you are not spam, bot or ‘internet money maker’, promise i’ll follow you back!).
  2. I also set up lowrobb on Google Alerts.

Today, a twitter friend ThePunk (who runs a WordPress blog) twitted this, and i replied this. I didn’t notice that he replied to my latest tweet until a Google Alert arrive in my inbox that look like below:

Twitter Updates for 2008-05-06
Murphys – Wicked Sensitive Crew # @utvolfan one of my others, from my coffee shop days is "expresso" # I am loving the WordPress Automatic Upgrade Plugin. # @lowrobb does it work for plugin upgrades as [.

Actually @thepunk, he really replied to my tweet and i only recognize it via Google Alert. So i went to his blog posting his latest twitter status (as in the Google Alert) and i finally respond his latest tweet through the blog post comment.

How fun and useful if you can connect several social media services, and make the most of them to controlling your name and get connected to people in the internet.

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  1. Hi!
    I love this blogpost. It is very nice to read.
    I wonder why I didn’t find this blog earlier.

    I will try to share. Some of my friends will appreciate this.

    Cheerz and keep it up!

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