Why I Am Using X (formerly Twitter) Again

I deleted my X account back in 2017 when it was still called Twitter, even though I had 40k followers. I missed text-based social media and felt Facebook wasn’t enough. So when Threads launched, I signed up immediately and felt like I found a new home.

I really enjoy Threads, especially for posting about EVs, Apple, general tech, and all things California. However, I noticed that my posts from Musikator rarely get any attention. Then, my post got banned from Facebook yesterday. This made me realize it’s risky to rely solely on Meta’s platforms. Like the old saying goes, never put everything in one basket.

Moreover, their algorithm changes, especially towards political posts (and who knows other categories might follow) on Threads, and the fact that you might not see posts from accounts you follow on Instagram, are concerning. Why let users follow specific accounts if they won’t see their posts? What’s the point of following accounts at all? I do enjoy the For You tab on Threads and rarely check the Following feed because of Instagram’s legacy. However, I still want to see posts from people I follow, and it seems like Meta is taking that away from users.

I logged into one of my old X accounts this morning and was surprised to see how active the music industry community is on X, which is crucial for growing Musikator. I can’t ignore X; I need the network and connections that Meta can’t provide. You can follow Musikator on X.

Author: Robin

Jack of all trades living in SF Bay Area, California. SE Asian. Currently building music media.

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