Is Back to The King of Rock

Great news it is. Got this from Rolling Stone. The King ACDC is finally reclaim from porn site. You can now get all the news from the greatest rock band in the world through its name rather than (its old official site).

The Internet domain for was held for years by a company specializing in porn, so when new fans and the clueless sought out tour dates or album info, they ended up with a screen full of NSFW imagery and other dirty deeds done for a monthly credit card subscription. Thankfully, the band’s management has finally claimed the domain name back after years of, frankly, not caring.

If you are planning to name a band, please make sure that a cool domain for your band is available. Take it at least the .com and the .net because it’s cheap to buy domain these days. Search for it and get some help if needed by top domain site registrar by simply adding domain search engine like and search to your Firefox search. Don’t let the bastard get your band’s domain name.

For those about to domain name, we salute ya.

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