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I am changing Small Package of Goodness (vol 1, vol 2) into a simple but more meaningful title. These type of posts will let you know, well… What I am reading for that particular day. I probably will post this more often than the small package of goodness thing because it’ll be fun to see the URLs like /what-i-read-today then /what-i-read-today-2 then /what-i-read-today-3… then one day it’ll reach… /what-i-read-today-223. Nevermind, it’s not important.

Anyway, here we go:

  1. Why Facebook Just Paid $19 Billion for a Messaging App (Wired).
  2. Dave Morin Pastikan Saham Bakrie Global Group di Path kurang dari 1% (Daily Social). 1% but preferred stock? Or he probably just simply lying. But what is actually the point? Oh PR. Got it. But who cares anyway.
  3. Just posted some new case studies for my company (Cerahati).
  4. Whatsapp Founders was rejected to work at Twitter and Facebook (Techcrunch). 4 years later they cost the company $19 billion. Those dumb recruitment executives still doing it wrong (and will continue to do so).
  5. Speaking of shit recruitment system taught at business school, don’t worry. Everyone can learn from Automattic (Harvard Business Review).
  6. According to a sweary character on Twitter, Facebook isn’t buying Whatsapp. It’s a merger.

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