Small Package of Goodness Vol. 2

So this continues.


– Markdown is getting more traction. If you are into web publishing you might want to bookmark this page for future references. You’re welcome.

– Asia Carrera has an IQ of 156.

– My Chevy team at work has done a pretty good job!

– Tony Hsieh’s awesomeness continues!

– Finally some of my band’s album master found!

This car is one of the most handsome creature on earth!

Why we should invest in girl’s education.

– Jony Ive had done some designs before Steve Jobs gets back into the scene at Apple.

Stupid artist shouldn’t breed.

– You can’t summarise Bali on your first 6 months of staying (All you get are good things).

– Our company start to use our LinkedIn company page.

– I want this!

Just another surfing session on Teahupoo footage.

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