Why I Deleted My Path Account


Path is hugely popular in Indonesia so of course it is popular among my Indonesian friends too. I was an avid user for about 2 years until I deleted my account today. It was a great place to share meme or more-than-140-characters-fun-stuff among close friends.

But today I feel enough is enough:

  1. My friends over-share. There are so many things happening right now, from presidential election to Ramadhan to World Cup to everything else that make Path too busy and lose its fun. To see random information on mobile phone, since Path is mobile only, is much tiring than other social media accounts when people you are following over-share. There’s no feed filter except the Inner Circle (or unsharing), but what’s the point of having inner circle if your Path friends are suppose to be your inner circle in the first place?
  2. I don’t think I need social media accounts more than having Facebook, Twitter and Google+. By deleting Path, I have 1 less thing to worry about.
  3. I am using 1 less Bakrie related company/product. The less the better! \m/

If you want to delete your Path account too, it’s really easy. Here’s how. Make sure you tap Delete Account.

Choose delete
Choose delete
Tap delete account!
Tap delete account!

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