What I Read Today

  1. 10 Essential SEO Terms You Should Know (Titan SEO). The basics.
  2. How to explain Bitcoin to a 5-year-old (Daily Dot).
  3. Do you have what it takes to be Creative Director of the world’s no. 1 adult site? (Porn Hub). Brilliant.
  4. Julian Assange at SXSW: ‘People Are Products Sold to Advertisers’ (Advertising Age). Nothing new but it is interesting to see him speak at the event.
  5. Teach Children Well and Let Them Not Be Bigots (Magdalene). The comments worry me.
  6. Edward Snowden addresses SXSW (The Next Web). Snowden: he’d chosen to speak first to the technology community rather than the policy community because security services are “setting fire to the future of the Internet” and attendees at SXSW are “firefighters.”
  7. EA website header background color is #eaeaea (Little Big Details). Smart.
  8. Google Searches for Role in App Age (Wall Street Journal). Apps start to link to web not to other apps because mobile users love it. Not.
  9. Billboard 2013’s highest-paid musicians (CNN). Nothing surprise me.
  10. Twitter’s ad rates continue falling, down 18% last quarter (Quartz). Reasons: (1) The supply of available space to advertise on Twitter is increasing. (2) It also says that lower rates appeal to small businesses and international advertisers.
  11. The U.S. government has patent on cannabis (Underground Health). Canabis has health benefits. They clearly know that.

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