What I Read Today

  1. The new hot startup model is being an exceptional middleman (Quartz). Let’s build one.
  2. What Is Content Marketing? (Content Marketing Institute). Marketing is impossible without great content.
  3. The Top Transferable Skills Every Manager Should Have (LinkedIn featured article). To make it short: Influential, Communication, Empathy, Conviction.
  4. 14 Tools Every Entrepreneur Needs for Managing Social Media (Entrepreneur Magazine). Useful, except Tweetdeck. I hate it.
  5. Carl Icahn Runs a Content Business, Not a Fund (BetaBeat). “Mr. Icahn is wielding the flows of information as a weapon. The money follows.” Good reading.
  6. Getty Images is betting their business on embeddable photos (The Verge). Interesting.
  7. Ars Technica experiments with digital currency, creates Arscoin for “educational use only” (Ars Technica). Still don’t get the ‘hype’ of Bitcoin.
  8. When Is the Best Time to Buy a Ticket to a Sold Out Concert? (Priceonomics). Should’ve bought it before sold out. Let’s just do that!
  9. Edward Snowden to Speak at SXSW Interactive Via Videoconference (SXSW). Are we seeing the next Julian Assange?
  10. Spotify Acquires The Echo Nest (Spotify Press). Now the music intelligence technology is on-board, this is their goal: Together, Spotify And Echo Nest Want To Build The Facebook Connect Of Music (Techcrunch).

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