What I Read Today

  1. Bill Gates regains world’s richest title with net worth of $76B (Geek Wire). That’s a lot of money.
  2. Why Today’s Giants Build The Tech They Need To Stay On Top (Om Malik at Fast Company). It’s a great read, but the sub-title, which I use for title, is self explanatory. No?
  3. If Content is King, then LinkedIn May be the New Kingdom (ArCompany). Applied to their publisher program, hope I’m accepted.
  4. Sharing is The New Buying, Winning in the Collaborative Economy (Jeremiah Owyang). I am going to re-post this on separate blog post.
  5. TED.com redesigned and redefined (TED Blog). Incredible.
  6. Why We Should Thank Bill Gates For Making Himself So Rich (Pando Daily). Entrepreneurs are capturing only a little less than 3 percent of the total value created by their activities, while the 97% goes to us the consumers.
  7. Google UX design with heart (Eman El-Koshairy at Medium). How Google builds features that make you go: “Of Course”.
  8. Yahoo to End Facebook, Google Sign-In on Its Web Properties (Recode). It’s time. I mean it’s weird that they ever decide to let their users sign in using Facebook or Google.

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