What I Read Today

  1. Early Shakeups In Nadella’s Microsoft (Techcrunch). Satya Nadella is actually only the 3rd CEO of Microsoft. The first was Bill Gates, then Steve Ballmer after Gates depart, and Nadella after Ballmer departs and Gates’ comeback. It’s amazing that they can grow that big but still keep their founders close to their heart.
  2. Bus Roots: Public Bus Doubles as Mobile Green Roof (Treehugger). Just use any space you can find.
  3. Apple Car Play (Apple). You can tap your car.
  4. Ellen Was On Stage At Oscars With Samsung, Backstage With iPhone (Marketing Land). Should’ve tag this this. But, I found this at the front page of Techmeme. So this probably one of the most important thing on tech today.
  5. Kickstarter passed $1 BILLION in pledges (Kickstarter). Brilliant.
  6. The best entrepreneurs don’t start companies, they invent categories (The Next Web). Apple, Virgin, Tesla and Ford solve uncategorized problems.

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