What I Read Today

  1. The Job After Steve Jobs (WSJ). Tim Cook has done a pretty good job so far succeeding Steve Jobs.
  2. Opera Software PR Page (Opera). You can choose the level of geekinees. You can even go full corporate.
  3. Is critical thinking being outsourced to Google? (LinkedIn featured blog). Important question to ask.
  4. Marketers Should Make The Switch To A Customer-Community Model (CMO blog by Adobe). Like Get Satisfaction.
  5. Giraffe-Killing Danes Anger Jews and Muslims With New Animal Cruelty Law (TIME). A new Danish law ordering that all animals must be stunned before slaughter effectively bans production of kosher and halal meat because Islam and Judaism require animals intended for human consumption to be killed with a single slash through the carotid artery in the neck. Ewww… My next project after quit smoking is definitely to quit eating meat.
  6. Reddit To Donate 10 Percent Of Ad Revenue To Charity (Huffington Post). So nice of them.
  7. 6 out of the 9 nominees for Best Picture are “based on a true story.” We decided to fact-check each one (Washington Post). It’s Hollywood, and you are expecting… What?
  8. Introducing ‘Breatharianism,’ The Dumbest Diet of All Time (The Daily Beast). A self-proclaimed ‘Barbie’ believes you don’t need food or water to live. Well, even Barbie had a kitchen.
  9. The most-played Spotify track of all time (The Next Web). If Musikator ever get 1 Creator that can achieve this, then my work is almost complete. The thing with “streaming” rather than “downloading” is. Unlike downloading, with streaming you can reach the sky even if you’re relatively unknown. Streaming is much easier than downloading.
  10. And The Oscar Goes To Leonardo DiCaprio (Tumblr). Tumblr blog of the day! I mean, look at this! 😀

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