What a Coincidence

This was happened last month.

September is a tough months for me and my family, as it was the month we move to Bali 2 years ago. We didn’t know how we can pay our big recurring bills that occur in September, then somehow the magic happen in Sunday. We went to church as usual at the morning then back at home at about 8 in the morning. I turned on my computer, check some news then went back to sleep. At about 11 AM i woke up, get some meals, took a bath then back to my computer. What i first saw was an email from a long time friend.

I had approach him and offer my service to make a website since like 6 month ago. Then suddenly we lost touch. I even forget that i’ve ever contact about that matter and already delete the folder planned for his future website. Then suddenly he email me offering the project i can’t resist. This job pay our bills.

This is not the first time we receive ‘something’ after we go to church (we don’t go that much in the last several months, and i feel so sorry about that).

However, I believe it’s more than a simple sense or a coincidence.

Author: Robin

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