Video: Shepard Fairey Busted!

Shepard Fairey the artist behind Obey Giant movement was arrested while postering in Denver with other 154 people last week, most of whom were involved in protests of one sort or another.

He was in Denver as part of the Manifest Hope gallery show featuring art inspired by Barack Obama.

On August 25, Fairey took a break from installing the gallery show to hang posters around downtown Denver, wheat-pasting them to the sides of buildings. Denver artist Scot Lefavor and a small crew of filmmakers making a documentary on Fairey went along. But when they got to an alleyway near 16th Avenue and Sherman Street around midnight, they saw a line of officers in full riot gear running toward them.

When they were arrested, Shepard quotes the police:

“Get on the fucking ground or we’re going to kick you in the fucking head!”

Cool video interview below.

And oh, it’s the fourteenth of such arrest for this brilliant man. He truly believe in Hope!


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