Update on My Web Host & My Blogging Platform

Since my last complain and their auto billing problem, Dreamhost, the company that host The Art of Work at Life and my several other blogs has done a good job. In fact i can’t find any slow performance time at all and all my sites are running just fine.

I don’t know if they do something to fix this (especially the slow times issue because i don’t set automatic billing), but i guess i have to fair say that i am satisfied with the service at least for the last 1 week. I sincerely hope they continue to do the good job.

Update on my blogging platform: i have just purchased a magazine theme style for WordPress and i found out that WP is more than just another blogging platform. I am amazed and i’m happy with what it can help me to continue my internet publishing needs. I believe this is a good time to show my love to WP and i will continue (surely) to use WP for my blogs.

As a side note:

1. I won’t recommend share hosting plan to host your business because it is perhaps the best to get all thing going is to rent a VPS/dedicated host. But if you need a cheap and a hosting full features, perhaps WP is right, it’s true that Dreamhost is one of the best in the planet. I don’t know.
2. If you want to get serious into blogging for yourself or for your business, WP is by far the best in the planet (i’ve tried several others!).

3. If you want online scratch book, then i would recommend Tumblr. I use it to publish my baby’s pics and some (scratch) short stories.

Wishing all have a good Sunday. Cheers.

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