The Music Entrepreneurship

This is my presentation at the launch of Bali Creative Entrepreneur Network in April 2009, co-presentation along with Rio Helmi (professional photographer) and Fiki (creative entrepreneur from Bandung) and Indie Music 101 also in 2009.

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  1. I like your presentation but you misled alot of people. By giving audience less information in your slides in which will misled people’s perception of the industry and those who wants to enter it.

      • First of all fans are not a music market. The word fans will misslead to Fans of bands / group / soloist. If you want to refer fans as market you should write music market / music enthusiast / music listener which we are all music listener.

        Market = Potential buyer
        Potential buyer = Targeted market + Bias Market or we also known as secondary market
        Fans = buyer of a specific band/group/duet/solo

        Second, if your title “Major label, Large distribution channel” refer to how to get products to the market then you should add more. Since there are more complex distribution channel
        Distribution Channel:
        1. Physical
        a. MAJOR LABEL > PT (Perseroan Terbatas),The big five (WARNER, EMI, SONY, UNIVERSAL).
        b. MINOR LABEL > PT, Local Label ( Aquarius, Musica, etc)
        c. INDIE LABEL > No Legal form, Community base

        2. Digital
        a. Web base
        i. Local Channel —— IMPORT
        ii. International ———- iTUnes, etc
        b. Store Base
        i. Disctara digital store

        Well, all i was only trying to correct something that i thought would be better if its tweak a bit.

        Renhat Pantro

        • Renhat,

          Thanks for your reply.

          Sorry If my slides wasn’t technical enough for you, but if you re-read the presentation, it’s about sharing some stuff about Music Entrepreneurship (in 15 slides or less, i was given 15 minutes to present btw).

          However, i have some explanation on your concerns:

          1. The use of term Fans.
          I believe it’s a trick of the trade that commonly used among music industry practitioners, professors and presenters. I’d rather use Fans than Music Market. Why? Because “Music Market” is too general, sounds too commercialized or industrialized, and it is commonly use by people who are not coming from musician background. I believe Music Fans can practically covers all = Music Market/Music Listener/Potential Buyer/Artist’s fans, etc. I find there’s no need to divide Market/Fans into several terms just to make people understand that the presenter know music industry in details.

          If you re-read slide 5 and 6, you’ll find out that i was also intend to refer the CWF + Rtb model without going into details. I would like to advice music entrepreneurs to target their ‘fans’ as a start. Starting out with music fans, in this case means a particular musician/band’s fans (as you’d point out), has always been a moderate way to start music business.

          2. Distribution Channel
          I think we’re in the same page here, but i didn’t find it useful to add the detail as you’d expect. Why? Because (1) the Distribution channel part, was actually referring to Business Models that music entrepreneurs can adopt, not to explain technically how and what are the options on distributing their recorded music products that are currently available. And (2) it adds David vs Goliath romance into the slides (which David won in the end). If i added your details, this romance will be gone.

          In essence, giving out industry’s technical-technicalities in details will be great/informative. True. But then:
          1. I’ll need more slides to explain.
          2. Readers can get lost on technical details.
          3. They will not find the concept, i tried to share, easy to understand in relatively short time, and last but not least.
          4. This is not about explaining music industry in details.
          5. I can recommend people to get the details to you, if you think you can help on this matter.

          Anyhow, that’s why Q&A session after presentation, or blog comments in this case, are needed to explain the presentation further. So thank you so much for your comments.

          Hope that make sense.


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