The Difference between Intrapreneur and Entrepreneur

Sorry to cover in such shallow angle but here’s what i learn today, the difference between Intrapreneur and Entrepreneur:

1. If you’re an Intrapreneur (read: employee), and you’re backstabbed by your colleague, then you’ll know it, because bad things spread fast in work environment. That way, it keep you stronger and willing to find the best way to survive in the condition. Or worse, leave the company.

2. If you’re an Entrepreneur (read: small business owner), and you’re backstabbed by your somebody who for for your client. You wouldn’t reckon the difference, you’re just lost your money.

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  1. I don’t know whthr i hv th right to elaborate ur idea.. Bt i think to try once.. Well in my view, entrepreneur is a person who set up his own busines or industry nd he has initiative, drive, skil etc.. The main thing is that he may have only so many ideas bt literaly no experience in the field.. He just want to do some experiments just to get sme thrill.. Ofcouse, profit is one of his main goals..
    On the other hand a intrapreneur is a person who has same skils as a intrepreneur has but he use them 4 th profit of th company or venture he is working at.. An intrapreneur just give his innovative ideas 4 th growth of th companies..
    An entrepreneur has to face so many risks nd uncertainties while an intrapreneus has not..
    An entrepreneur is th ultimate owner of th profit gets by implementing his innovative ideas while in th case of th intrapreneur it is th company that gets th profit..

  2. All the above is true, in addition an intrapreneur challenge is unchange the system of an organization, while an entrepreneur challenges the status quo from outside the organisation.

  3. the above comments are very good,in addition an entrepreneur is a person who is successful in settin up a business and also combine resources and other assets that can improve their value greater than what they have before while an intrapreneur contributes to what an entrepreneur innovates or starts and also is he always an employee

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