The Coolest 50-50 Grinds I’ve Ever Seen

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In my skateboarding days, i love 50-50 grind. It’s the first basic trick for skaters who start to learn skating rails. However, some people can take basic things to advance level. explain what is 50-50 grind in plain English:

A Grind is the name for sliding along an edge (such as a curb, bench, rail, coping, etc.) using your trucks instead of your wheels or deck (read more on what a grind is). A 50-50 Grind is where the edge or rail being ground is in the middle of the hangers on the trucks. The name “50-50” refers to being half on the edge and half off, with both trucks even.

So now you know this basic trick, 50-50 grind. This video is the longest 50-50 grind i’ve ever seen in my life (by an unknown skater):

Speaking to the extreme, this might be the most famous 50-50 grind ever performed by a legend, John Cardiel, at his part in Transworld video’s Sight Unseen (at the end of this video trailer). Emm… cool song as well:

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