Tetris is now a Wrestling Game

Tetris is the original time waster. It competes head to head with Solitaire in my PDA. These kind of games are also useful while wait my Firefox loads. However, i never thought this simple game could mixed nicely with Arm Wrestling (who would? I bet not even the creator!).

Anyhow, Tresling is a machine that controlled a Tetris game within arm wrestling.

From the author’s page:

They said it couldn’t be done. Mixing Tetris and arm wrestling… not possible. But just like Stallone in “Over the Top,” the impossible happened, dreams came true, tears were shed. I give you Tresling: Not just a two-player version of best game on earth, not just a fist-pumping, back ally arm wrestling match to end all matches… but a mash-up so heroic Zeus himself could not imagine it.

Here’s how it works. Old school cool time waster + Old school cool competitive sport = FUN!!

Zemanta suggests that Engadget and Gizmodo has covered this 4 days ago. But i got this from HackedGadgets.

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