How to Sync Basecamp Calendar with Google Calendar and iCloud Calendar

Customers are supposedly can sync these three popular services seamlessly, but in fact they can’t. I spent at least an hour try to find out how to integrate these 3 services I and my colleagues use daily, but failed miserably.

However, there’s a workaround which involves 2 steps:

  1. First step is to sync Basecamp Calendar with Google Calendar. Then…
  2. second step is to sync Basecamp Calendar with iCloud Calendar.

First step:

  1. Login to your Basecamp account, then click on Calendar.
  2. Find “Subcribe to iCal” link at the bottom of left sidebar. Click on it, then you’ll arrive to the page where your Calendars’ subscription links. Pick which calendar you want to sync, right click at the link then “Copy Link Address”.
  3. Login to you Google Calendar account.
  4. Find “Other calendars” at the bottom of left sidebar, then click the arrow at the right and find “Add by URL”. Click on it then paste your Basecamp’s calendar link. Click “Add Calendar”.

You are basically done. Now all you need is to make sure this new calendar is sync with your devices.

Now on to Second Step.

  1. Paste your Basecamp calendar to a browser, then change “webcal” into “http” at the beginning of the URL. The .ics file should be downloaded into your Mac.
  2. Now click the .ics file then your Calendar app should automatically opened and your Basecamp calendar is already on your calendars list. Customise it as you wish.

You’re done. Now back to work.

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