Surgery : My 1st Experience

Yesterday, i’ve past my first experience: undergone a surgery. Back to the days before the day, i keep wondering what to expect because i had no idea whatsoever.

When the time was come, accompanied by my wife, we went to Unit Gawat Darurat (Emergency Room) at Kasih Ibu Hospital in Denpasar Bali. They asked me to change my clothes and preparing necessary set ups. After about an hour waiting, i was brought to the surgery room using a wheelchair (i felt retarded) and get into a cold (scary) surgery room.

There was a scary surgery bed waited for me, covered with green nylon. I was brought into the bed, tied up with some medical equipments to my body and to my blood. After waiting like 15 minutes, the head of surgery team (the head doctor) finally arrived and said hi to cheer me. Soon after his arrival, the team came to do the final check on installed equipments, then suddenly one of them said, ‘we’re going to make you unconscious now.

I was like, yeah whatever, been waiting for hours for this. A couple of seconds later, i woke up outside the surgery rooms with some new scars on my body. I was like, wow! I didn’t even realize when the surgery was done!

I ask the nurses to call my wife and we were brought back to the Emergency Room. After half an hour, i asked the nurses if i can go home. I just can’t stand staying (resting) at their ER because there are people that hurt whom also stay at the room. They took another check on my body then they let me go.

After i got home, i felt asleep rightaway and woke up the next morning not in the best mood. Apparently, the drug effects they gave me are going away so i kinda start to feel my scars. In all, the surgery was not that bad (not that scary) but the moments after are painful.

Just wonder if those medical geeks never found these method to cure people. Thank you doctors.

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