So What’s The Point on This Discussion?

I met my old friend over IM the other day. I was shocked with the conversation we had.

Over the years i’ve been changing my life several times, either way lead to a same direction, only better. In technical word, changing strategies by embracing life. I believe it’s just a basic of survival.

I’ve been into music for all my life. I use to collect CDs, have several electric and accoustic guitars, and a set of analog music equipments. But now it’s all gone. Why? I sold it because i don’t think i need it. I now have computers with MP3 players and tons of books (i’m starting to think that i’ll get rid of those book racks someday).

However, my old friend told me that i’m just a lame retired rock and roller that have no CD and guitars. He laugh on me because i choose to read books rather than listening to music. I closed the IM because i don’t think we have any point of discussions. He hasn’t check my hard drive, i bet he’ll be surprised how easy my life is by embracing this technology. But, i think he don’t have to, because i know he doesn’t care, or simply just don’t understand.

Now he’s torturing my music community forum with his stupid thoughts that don’t work. He won’t make it, because he don’t have this simple and yet basic think; he can’t change.

I’m a firm believer that people that does not change is already dead. So why anyone alive should discuss things with dead people?

In positive side: I’m glad i’m alive. I’m also glad to know that sometimes i can just get on with my life and no discussion is necessary.

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